Digital Mass- Wasteland Horns

Digital Mass, the exciting anonymous collective hailing from Eastern Borneo, is proud to present a longform piece, divided into 2 sections. The only sounds in this music are brass instruments. These instruments have been processed heavily and mixed using algorithmic technology. Digital Mass presents: “Wasteland Horns”– an audio study of digital effects on sound.

Wasteland Horns at Bandcamp


Population Residue on Domadata Netlabel

“A drone harvested and cultivated in the hinterlands of Mongolia. According to the monks of Digital Mass, the world is busily creating its greatest masterpiece– a carnage of rubbish, waste and debris that will cover the planet like a bizarre work of art. This drone celebrates our accomplishment with sound.”

Population Residue at Bandcamp

Digital Mass- Complex Silence 11 [treetrunk 129]

Digital Mass, a mysterious ambient drone ensemble hearkening from the shores of Australia, have been regaling the internet with their many creations since 2010. This time, the Mass have crafted a massive drone, very deep, with subtle harmonics and washes of subdued noise. Reminiscent of the rocky shores of their home continent, Complex Silence 11 evokes an air of mystery.

We at Treetrunk Records love a mystery– how about you? Why not take a journey into the mists, and see where the Digital Mass lead us. Though we may never quite find ourselves home again, at least we will be in a wilder and more primal place.

Complex Silence 11 at

Coming Soon– Complex Silence 11

Digital Mass will soon release Complex Silence 11 through the Treetrunk netlabel. Here is a short video to promote the release.

Coming Soon?? Digital Mass CS11

Digital Mass – Desolatus Remix

The anonymous collective Digital Mass, known from several Treetrunk releases and currently located in Southeast Europe, have decided to open the gates of the new year on Petcord with a deconstruction of Phillip Wilkerson’s original drone. Its original fluffy sounds were subverted by the collective to match their gloomy vision of Old World aesthetics. Digital Mass’ approach to structures allows visitors to participate without missing out on something that could exclude them from the journey to the inside.

Desolatus Remix at

Digital Mass- Onboard The Nowhere Train [treetrunk 123]

The amazing British ambient collective Digital Mass were pleased to discover Shane Morris’ netrelease, “Train To Knowhere”. The Mass were so impressed with the work of Mr. Morris that they decided to use their cc rights and remix the title track. Here, shipped to Treetrunk from Europe, are the results.

Listen at

“Constant 28” Reviewed

British critic Thomas Parker reviews “Constant 28” for the Enough Records site: Surf on in! Constant 28 Review.

Digital Mass- Constant 28 [treetrunk122]

The excellent anonymous collective of Norweigian droners have created a new “Constant” piece– the 28th one made. This version is deep and rumbling with bizarre harmonic washes.

Constant 28 at

Digital Mass Appear On Remix Comp.

Listen to a Digital Mass remix of sounds from Mystified‘s 2009 cd, “Foiled Again” (Autumn Abbatoir) on this free netrelease:

The Foiled Again Remixes at