Monthly Archives: October 2010

Music Video For New Release

This is a music video for an edit of Track Four from this recently released e.p.: Quitting The Masses at You can also download the video there as a .wmv file.


Digital Mass in Free Internet Mix

The mysterious Digital Mass appear in an excellent internet music mix with the theme of aging or abandoned cities. Listen for free at Treetrunk Records: A Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix at

Andrew Quitter and Digital Mass- Quitting The Masses [treetrunk113]

The anonymous musical collective Digital Mass cross geographic boundaries to collaborate with MidWestern sonic specialist Andrew Quitter. Expect drone and industrial techno sounds. A must hear!

Digital Mass- Totally Massive [treetrunk108]

The anonymous musical collective Digital Mass strike once again, with this eccentric EP of wacky electronica. There is beauty in chaos we believe, and so do the Mass. Wild stuff, but well done, with ambient and classical influences.

[Eg0_025] Digital Mass – Wind Labyrinths

We at Eg0cide Productions have no idea where Digital Mass come from, and even less where they are going/taking us with each new recording, but we are always ready to follow them in their sound experiments. For this new album their anonymous members have recorded atmospheric improvisations on acoustic instruments that were later processed and filtered, but not edited. No synthesizer/looping/sampling was used on these 3 tracks just instinctive playing and empirical sound processing. For the best listening experience, we suggest you to lay down in the dark with an empty mind and a calm heart, expect nothing, and get lost in these foggy labyrinths like while contemplating smoke curtains.

Digital Mass- Constant 27 [treetrunk 103]

The fabulous anonymous collective Digital Mass have co-opted the recent Treetrunk release by Tange, “Constant 26”, and warped and processed the piece into their own style of Constant. Members of the collective refuse to divulge their process(es), but thank Tange for his excellent source material. “Constant” pieces, for those unfamiliar, are musical works based on being as minimal as possible– finding the least possible thing necessary for listening. These pieces tend to be drone in nature. The original Constant appeared on Webbed Hand Records ( ), and others have been released at the TZP Drone Company ( ) and also here at Treetrunk.

Digital Mass- Doxology [treetrunk107]

The mysterious anonymous musical collective, “Digital Mass”, visit us once again with their mid-form release “Doxology”. This release consists of 2 parts– one much longer, the other quite short. Treetrunk was impressed with the textures and layers in these pieces and hopes Digital Mass will continue to approach them with new material. Genres are ambient, spacemusic and soundscapes.

[Eg0_023] Digital Mass – The Murk

Digital Mass is back on Eg0cide, with an album that is as foggy and mysterious as the identity of its member(s). “The Murk” is a 51min obscure and abstract drone piece full of subtle & deep resonances.

Digital Mass- Amalgamated Wreckage [treetrunk100]

The anonymous musical collective “Digital Mass” strikes for a second time with this fun, noisy and chaotic netrelease. The Mass took tracks from Mystified’s seminal “Amalgam” release and remixed them using a fractal mixer. Strange progressions were tossed into the generative blender and added together, making for a wild sonic ride. Please note that this release marks Treetrunk’s 100th effort. We at Treetrunk are proud to celebrate this milestone with Digital Mass, and thank all of you out there for listening to all the great music.

[Eg0_018] Digital Mass – Shatter Fog

“Shatter Fog” is the first official release of Digital Mass, a collaborative ambient/experimental act. Their members want to remain anonymous, the only thing to know about them is that the number of people involved in this project is subject to changes depending on the albums. So let’s focus on their music and enter into their experimental soundscapes, amongst abstract foggy drones, occasional minimal beats, parasited sound transmissions from other planets and/or an antediluvian past…