[Eg0_104] Digital Mass : Vacant Vision

Anonymous polish droners Digital Mass are back on eg0cide with a new mysterious offering. They told us that “vacant vision” was inspired by antic shamanic rituals that used to take place in the core of the Bialowieza forest. They might be mystical freaks, they might be ironic impostors – nevermind. Just close your eyes and let the glowing sound grow and erase you from the inside.

Vacant Vision at Archive.org.


Digital Mass- Cold Point Station [treetrunk 238]

The hazy Sri Lankan musical collective Digital Mass have created a new piece composed originally only from shortwave sounds, evocative of a midnight missive from a snowbound cabin. The sounds now form a drone. Can you perceive their source?

Cold Point Station at Archive.org

Digital Mass – Rain 2 [wh232]

“Tired of the agitation of modern life, the German mastermind of Digital Mass has gone for a retreat in a monastery lost somewhere in eastern Europa, during the rainy April of 2012. This was also the occasion to record the sound of rain and some sacred chants, which were later processed, edited and mixed to create a new “Rain” piece for Webbed Hand Records. Despite the the source material, no religious intent was put into this composition, which was simply created as background music for meditation, chilling out or sleeping.”

Rain 2 at Archive.org.

Digital Mass with C. Reider- Prolongued Buddhic Reduction [treetrunk 226]

The anonymous collective from Antarctica, Digital Mass, were very impressed with C. Reider’s creation, “Buddha Reduction”. The collective wanted to create a remix of Reider’s work, and this is the track they concocted. All sounds come from Reider’s original (and excellent) pieces.

Prolongued Buddhic Reduction at Archive.org

Digital Mass- Drowning Mermaids [treetrunk 201]

The Slavic anonymous collective, “Digital Mass”, have created a long, droning masterpiece using acoustic brass, flute, and other assorted sounds. Enjoy!

Drowning Mermaids at Archive.org

Digital Mass- Fictive Martyrdom [treetrunk 189]

The French drone monks of Digital Mass have composed a new soundtrack for their own meditation rituals. In addition to their custom secret sounds they have used sounds provided by Kecap Tuyul (an old tape of prepared guitar improvisations) and by Thanato Twist With Oleg’s Sound System (synths, effects, balalaika). You are welcome to test the effects of these soundscapes on your body, mind and soul…

Fictive Martyrdom at Archive.org

The Idiot Flutes Part Two (edit) (Digital Mass)

The Idiot Flutes

The blind God Azathoth, according to Lovecraftian lore, lies at the center of all things, where he is surrounded by idiot flutists. The Hawaiian anonymous collective, Digital Mass, aiming a recording device at a remote point in astral space, seem to have captured the very sounds of these flutists.

The Idiot Flutes at Bandcamp.com

[Eg0_036] Digital Mass : The Murk II

Back from a short tour in USA, the anonymous canadian drone collective Digital Mass has recently created a sequel to a previous long-from drone The Murk, (already released by Eg0cide last year). Bleaker, colder than the 1st issue, this new track is like a slow descent into some unknown caverns. Minimalist dark ambient at its best.

The Murk 2 at Archive.org

Digital Mass In New Live Compilation

These are short recordings extracted from a live musical festival held annually or biannually in Chicago Illinois. Digital Mass was represented. Enjoy the live chaos!

Live Mechanics at Archive.org